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Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
pretty clearly contradicting in a defense here. it appears to be clear that they are exchanging hiring for business. >> there kind of a gray area here. >> there has to be a quid pro quo. it is not that companies do not do this all the time. all companies are constantly hiring people to do internships. perhaps in the hope that they get business. there is no explicit tie between the two things. that is the gray area here. at this point, we do not know. otherwise, there would be prosecutions already. thisey said that we hired guy and got this amount of revenues. whether we want to believe them or not, they have offered a defense. they say that this was a post de facto spreadsheet. they did not get that much. >> go ahead. >> mike is right. it certainly is great. i did not say it was illegal. it appears to be illegal. there are a lot of facts that we do not know. companies do this throughout the world. the problem is, while it may be a competitive problem, the united states public policy established that u.s. companies are simply not going to be allowed to engage in corruption and br
Dec 10, 2013 8:00am EST
controversy over the sheer pants. >> in their defense, it has been a massively growing company. hi, short interest. questions about inventory. the scandals about the comments from the ceo. of they a classic case could have handled it much better once they made the misstep. instead, they stumbled, they took too long to repair the situation. as you say, the founders founder's comments were not listen to hear for some women. fish stinks from the head. problemnot beinthe lulu anymore. >> we're going to go inside ups these next two hours. >> carol massar has been working on this special for quite a while. -- is probably the biggest day of the year for the world's largest packaging company. carol massar is in the thick of things. hubis at their massive called world port. how's it going down there? >> it is a little quiet. most of what happens here happens overnight. we had a little bit of snow this morning. the planes got out this morning. the line behind me is a little quiet, things will start to get busy again. there is another level of activity around the afternoon. lots of packages.
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
tensions over china's new air defenses on. we will be back as well with the opening bell. ♪ >> welcome back. it is 26 minutes after the hour. the latest on futures right before the bell today. we are seeing this rally. >> we are seeing a rally. it could be the end of five days in the s&p hundred. futures -- one percent. the better than expected november jobs report. 3000 in november. the unemployment rate falling to seven percent. we saw prices declining. as high as 2.93%. now at 2.78%. the dollar strengthened versus the yen. gold is currently down. fell initially and bounceback up a little bit and is off right now at 12:30. we are on the markets once again in 30 minutes. >> thank you. stock investors poised to respond to this morning's report. i want to bring in mohammed, the chief executive and co-cio at pimco, the near $2 trillion fund manager. also our economics editor, pouring through the report. mohammed, first off, we have had several guest and commentaries saying this report makes it a 50-50 chance the fed moves on this monetary policy month. are you in that same camp? >> we ar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3